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The more jobs we help fill, the better off we all are.


MAR. 2015 Employment Snapshot

5.5% Unemployment Rate

126,000 New Jobs Added

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Let's Move Our Economy Forward

Employers as well as job seekers are feeling the effects of high unemployment rates. Many companies — in a wide array of industries — have serious concerns about finding the right people.

It's a complex problem, but one thing is clear: The American economy needs help.

As a leader in talent acquisition, CareerBuilder is in a unique position to lend a hand. Not only are we experts at helping candidates find positions in which they can maximize their potential, but we also specialize in matching them to businesses that are ready to grow. And we're pledging to work even harder — not just for the sake of your business, but for the future of our economy. After all, the more jobs we help fill, the better off we all are.

We already partnered with some of the world's top companies and we invite you to join us.

Empowering Your People

Whether your organization is adding jobs, creating re-skilling programs or capitalizing on today's wealth of recruitment intelligence to make smarter recruiting or hiring decisions, you're helping to empower employment.

Empowering employment isn’t limited to the corporate level. Your commitment to improvement is amplified when you tap into the passions of your people.