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FEB. 2015 Employment Snapshot

5.5% Unemployment Rate

295,000 New Jobs Added

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Maximizing America's Potential

While some indicators suggest the economy may be stabilizing, there’s still a great deal of work to do –– and CareerBuilder is here to help. We are proud to empower businesses and help them perform better by attracting top-notch talent. We’re gratified when we can link an eager job seeker with the job of their dreams. And as more and more Americans head back to work, we remain focused on helping both workers and employers maximize their potential.

Clinton Global Initiative

As part of our ongoing effort to put Americans back to work and educate job candidates on where to find opportunities, CareerBuilder is working with the Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together leaders from all over the world to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Since launching our commitment in October 2011, CareerBuilder has provided workforce centers in 20 states complimentary access to its proprietary Labor Market Supply and Demand Portal, with the goal of helping unemployed individuals get access to accurate, timely information about which jobs are most in demand.

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CareerBuilder's Re-Employment Initiative

Despite the fact that more than 12.5 million people are unemployed, 3.5 million jobs remain unfilled in America. CareerBuilder recently embarked on a six-month commitment, providing unemployed workers basic skills to help them find jobs in the information technology field.

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American Freedom Foundation

CareerBuilder is proud to partner with the American Freedom Foundation as it continues its mission to help ease veterans' transition to the civilian workforce. In an exclusive Q&A with CareerBuilder's director of federal civilian solutions, Jen Fritz and Jack Tilly and Ted Hacker, co-founders of the AFF, they discuss the mutual benefits of hiring military veterans and share recruitment tips for bringing veterans into the workforce. Learn more.

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Big Shoulders Fund Partnership

In an effort to empower the surrounding community, CareerBuilder partners locally with the Big Shoulders Fund, an organization dedicated to providing support to schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. One of our favorite events is hosting local high school students at our global headquarters to share several of CareerBuilder's business functions and industry data on the local job market. Our aim is to pique their interest and help them consider careers in such high demand fields as marketing, finance, sales and computer science.